Need a clear plan to get your music actually listened to?


Not sure how to go further with your music career?

Whether your dream is to be signed to a record deal or stay an independent, the first step to ANY form of success is TRACTION. 


Have you ever...

Jumped from Blog... to YouTube Video... to Podcast... collecting tip after tip but still felt lost on how to really make a difference with your music?

Do you feel...

That your craft is truly amazing but you are having trouble gaining fan's support and buy-in on your music?

Or maybe...

You have found success and a thriving fanbase but you simply don't know how the music industry works and how to MONETIZE your efforts?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, understand this truth:

You can spend 6 years of your life piecing together tips and tricks and still not make any progress because you don't have a roadmap


If all you have in the world is time... then okay cool! Keep doing what you're doing. For everyone else who wants to shortcut their path to success, keep reading about how I actually made a career in music for myself.

As a working independent musician, I "get" you.

The fact that you're on this page means that you are a performer, producer, or songwriter looking to grow their audience. Me too! I personally have been in your shoes, struggling to build an audience, get people to care about my music, and make ends meet financially.

I worked in fashion-marketing, so I "get" marketing.

Back before I was a full-time musician I had a "real job" in marketing so I understand what it takes to build email lists to thousands of customers and manage complex Facebook ads campaigns.

I own an indie label, so I "get" the music industry.

Book a national tour? ✅

Get my music in movies? ✅✅

Organically earn hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams?
Yes, we did that too. 🔥🔥🔥


I haven't checked everything on my bucket list, but let me help you cross some items off yours.



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What Are People Saying:

All the things you're talking about in your online course are ALL the things you're doing. To find that I'm actually building loyalty to your brand through the thing's that you're doing is really cool.

- Mike


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Frequently Asked Questions

This training can be done at whatever pace you feel comfortable at. Some students spend a week and take their time, others knock it out in a single day. The choice is yours!

This course outlines the exact business plan that I give to my artists and use myself to make a profitable career in music. 

If you are dedicated to your craft, a talented practitioner, and your music is of a high sonic quality, you can expect excellent results with consistent, long-term application of this instruction. 

Here is the subject list:

✅ How to make money in the NEW music industry (and why the old methods suck!)

✅ How to GROW, MONETIZE, and MANAGE your independent music career

✅ How to grow from 0-1000 fans FAST and construct your FAN JOURNEY

✅ Monetizing your music by registering to collect ALL your royalties

✅ Monetizing your FANS to support your music and lifestyle

✅ BONUS: Advanced audience monetization strategies for seasoned musicians

If you are not completely impressed with the course, let us know within the first 60 days and we'll give you all your money back. If you're not happy, you don't pay. It's that simple. 


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